Another Hmmm!

Couple of months ago there was an entrance test for admission in to year 10 at Queensland Academy (QA) . When I moved to Australia, I heard so much about QA and knew without any doubt that it is the place for Yaya. But they only admit students in year 10 and Yaya was in year 6.

And in year 7 her hatred for science and maths started to develop. But I still had hope. I love science ( not maths, I hated maths) and she being my child would have inherited some part of my genetic makeup!

I saw the ad for the entrance exam in the paper. Few of Yaya’s classmates were writing the test as well. I asked Yaya ” would you like to write the test?”

She gave me that look.

Of course I could have forced her to write the test. But knowing her, she would have handed in a blank sheet just as her mother had done all through her medical college days. I knew without any doubt that I was wasting my money if I registered Yaya for the test.

QA is the place to study. Their science and maths programs are top rated. Yaya will get admission to Uni without much struggle if she is a QA student. But only if she was willing to write the entrance exam!

The hardest part of being Yaya’s mother is to accept that, although she is my daughter, she is very much different from me and I can’t dream for her. She has her own dreams and her own destiny. She is such a brilliant child..yet her destiny is not medicine/engineering.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have forced Yaya.. so she would reach her true potential..but deep in my heart I know..I shouldn’t..

Yaya got straight A’s this semester except for Maths. I actually taught her for the trigonometry test and she got a C..which brought her over all score from A to B. ( I do think that the child might have done better if I hadn’t confused her!)

It is not easy studying in Spanish medium with no prior knowledge of Spanish.

And I am proud of my daughter..

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  1. great! and here i am crying about my son. Had a parents-teachers meeting, and his class teachers (there are two) were unanimously voicing how naughty/inobedient/inattentive/distracted he is in class. Were they talking about someone else? He is always very obedient and interested in whatever I am telling him – whether it is about why astrologers need a space suit, or why snow white ate the poisoned apple.

    Considering he is 4, and the teachers are not, I guess for now I will blame the teachers. Easy way out…

  2. Had a nice talk to the day care people – he goes to a day care after school. They seem to think he is fine – Naughty, but doesn’t trouble other kids. Is pretty good there. They seem to think the teachers in school don’t understand him, and told me to leave him alone. Might get better next year – with new teachers…

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