Again !!!

I seriously think the planets are in perfect alignment..don’t know how long this would last..but as the saying is all good..

The one thing as a parent I dread the most is the field trips.. especially those that involves costume. I don’t have any creative center in my brain..

Often I end up feeling miserable ( and murderous)  when I see the elaborate costumes other moms make..

This year my youngest had to go for a “gold rush” field trip and was asked to wear a costume that fits the theme.. My son did the same trip when he was in year 5..and his costume was pretty easy. Old torn jeans, suspenders, check shirt and a stetson..I packed his lunch, sun screen etc in a cloth bag and he looked like a very happy  miner!
Baby wanted something really nice because all her friends are wearing something ‘really’ nice. ( I did try to get her to wear something like what her brother wore and she gave me ‘that ‘ look!! that suggested  jeez mom, I am a girl !)

I didn’t even attempt to sew a costume..Cushion covers is the most I could manage.
So this is what I did. I got her to wear my skirt ( elastic waist, so it fits her), my top,my hat and bought her a neat handbag..

 And she won the best costume award.. Oh yeah !


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