still shocked

I am still in shock.. that someone cared enough to spend 449RS as postage to send two packets of tea to me.
 I have not met any of my medical college friends since I left India. I am not good at keeping in touch. I am good at walking away.

All my life I struggled being the unwanted child to my mother..and sometimes I think I miss the forest for the trees.
Amma never let me have anything from my home, no family photos, not her dinner set, not the silver cup she kept in the middle of the cake pan to make ring cake, not her recipe book, not even a piece of her jewellery..All I have is memories..

I am a recipient of lots of unusual gifts.
My children’s grandmother send a can of pumpkin puree ( 2$) and paid 40 $ for postage two years ago because I couldn’t find any pumpkin here to make pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving dinner.
A friend once send a dalda tin full of walnuts from Kashmir to me when I was in Malaysia. It made so much din when I tried to open the parcel and how much I laughed when I saw the walnuts!
Someone left a box of books outside my door few months ago.

And I have a friend who cared enough to remember me and do something so simple, yet so profound..
It feels so good to be remembered! to know that I am not the only one with memories, that I am in someone else’s memory too!

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