This is me..

When I was a child and every time I brought ‘everybody’ to my home.. that is the ‘everybody’ got a new bag, ‘everybody’ is going for the  school trip/camp…and my mother used to drive me insane by her most logical question.
“If everybody jumped in front of the train, will you?”
Trust me, of all the things my mother did, the above dialogue ranked the top when it came to the ‘most annoying’
What could you reply to that question? You couldn’t tell your mother that “Yes, if everyone jumped in front of the train, I will too” If you did tell her that, then you know you have just being crowned the king of idiots right in front of your mother?

And I promised, I will never tell that to my children.
I kept my word.
You See, instead of saying jumping in front of the train, I changed to if everyone jumped off the cliff, will you??

And Yaya send this to me, telling me, “mom, this is so you !!”
and I do have to agree.

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