A chance

I would love to say that I raised my children well and I am absolutley sure that my children will not take drugs !!  they will not smoke and they certainly will not  drink  and of course being Indian descent, I am even more confident that they will not be having sex before their marriage!!!

The truth is, My children have the same chance as every other child on earth when it comes to smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol and teenage pregnancies.
It has nothing to do with the way I raised them.
As their mother I taught them what is right and what is wrong. I have taught them about sex, conception and contraception. I have spoken to them about peer pressure,adverse effects of drugs, cigs and alcohol.. How I wish I could say that, my children are safe because I taught them all that they need to know…

Before I became a mother, I knew just how I am going to raise my children. I was going to be the best mother on earth. It was a pretty easy thing to do..you know..to be a good mother and raise great children..

But then I became a mother..none of my so called plans/ideas/great expectations worked..I thought a fed baby is a happy baby..till I had breast engorgement and a crabby baby!! Theories were good, especially Dr. Spock.. but none of them wrote about non stop crying and maternal exhaustion and the temptation of wanting to drop the crying child somewhere, anywhere and running away!!! ( new mothers are not allowed/supposed to feel that way..they are supposed to enjoy the feeling of being a mother.. it is such a glorified position)

At one time, I had three children under the age of 5 and I couldn’t wait for them to grow up..so I could take a break from the vicous cycle of breast feeding,  nappies, potty training that seemed to go on forever.

Now that they are no longer babies.. I wish..they were little..I wish we could live in our glass cave, pretend that Santa is real and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow..

Each day, I walk in a mother’s minefield..every word that I speak has a consequence.
I am no longer a mother of little children.. I am the mother of three individuals..who are on their way to their future..
They will stumble and they may fall of the wagon.., but I will be there..that is all I can do. 

4 thoughts on “A chance

  1. Sarah, Been a avid reader of your blog for years and have been lazy to comment till date… Though we don't know each other your writing have brought you so close to my heart. I was thinking the same thing about motherhood today morning. I am also a mother of three all under 6 now…. I can identify the first phase you are talking about… I sometimes get tired running around for their needs but very soon realize that their dependancy for me is going to vanish and they will grow independent…. Love Anu

  2. Understand how you feel too.. mother of 4 under 8.
    Am trying to take opportunity to be with them, watch them grow, experience every bit of time with them.. for they will soon grow up.. and not run to mummy like they do now..
    I started feeling it when my eldest son (turning 8 soon) was too shy to kiss me bye when in school.. *sigh* My second son (turning 7 soon) still does.. but cannot hide my thoughts that he too will be shy about it soon..

  3. Anu: thank you for your comment..children grow up way too fast..

    Geeth: I think when I started blogging you only had two..champion and president..now four eh??
    time flies ma..kids grow up so fast..

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