What a beautiful day..

It was supposed to be a hail and rain day..but it wasn’t.
Last night kids and I had an awesome Christmas eve dinner.

Santa gave the Yaya a Samsung Galaxy phone..( selfish reason. She never switches on her phone, She is not supposed to use the phone during school hours and is lazy to switch it on after the school is over. I want to be able to call her. Yaya can’t read without listening to music and I am hoping she will use the phone as her MP3 player and will  switch it on to listen to music.

My son got a proper RC helicopter. When we were in Canada, my son always asked for an RC helicopter and 4 years ago, I bought one as a Christmas present. It was a cheap one ( I was broke). He took it outside to play with it and Yaya asked if she could have a go and he let her..My son and I , we watched the helicopter hovering for a few seconds and then baaam.. she let go the remote..Helicopter didn’t withstand the power of gravity..We shed many bitter tears over the broken helicopter..and I have been wanting to buy him a good one.

Baby got a video camera.. She loves making movies ..( I am hoping that I can appoint her as the family photographer..I hate taking pictures and videos)

They also got a Christmas Ornament from me. Each Christmas I buy them a Christmas ornament, so when they leave my home, they can take their share of ornaments. They also got the usual books, clothes and toys from me.

I got a foot spa from my kids as my Christmas gift. ( and 4 free pedicure vouchers from Yaya, 4 free foot massage from my son and 2 special pedicure and 2 special foot massage vouchers from my baby.. special because she has adding extra love and made the vouchers all sparkly and shiny)

This morning we had appam and stew. Then we played blackjack..

In the afternoon, kids asked if we could go for a long drive.. and we did.
We went for off roading..
We found lots of kangaroos ( not wallabies)
There was no other vehicles on the road…
( I did cry, after we reached back home..my car is covered in thick red dust and I have to wash it off tomorrow)
All in all.. a wonderful Christmas..

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