Circle of life..

I am laying down in my bed to type this post. I made the Christmas pudding, salad, spring rolls etc.. All I have left to do is to cook the chook and the saddle back potatoes.
Years ago, my youngest sister and I were very close. My room was at the end of the house and  I always lay down and read. My youngest sister is 7 years younger to me and she loved playing “sneaking up to touch the toes”.. She would crawl on the floor, sneak up to the foot of my bed to touch my toes. She gets a point if she managed to touch my toes without me noticing her. Everyone knows that I am (partially) deaf.. so I shouldn’t be able to hear my sister trying to sneak up on me.. But I did.. most of the time..
Right now, my youngest child is doing the same. I never told her about her aunt playing the same game.
She has barricaded me with pillows, just so I won’t see her crawling..but I can hear..and I tap on the bed..when she reaches near the foot..
Life is a circle eh??
Tonite we are having roast chicken. ( chook is being marinated and later I will be stuffing it with minced meat),  home made  potato salad. saddle back potatoes, spinach and cranberry salad, spring rolls, devilled eggs, Christmas pudding, cake, and cherry and pistachio macaroons
I think I have had way too much wine..
Merry Christmas everyone..

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