Inside out

Years ago…many many years ago.. I walked from Kanjikuzhy junction to collectorate on a school day, wearing my school uniform.
As I walked, I noticed people kind of staring at me, snickering, laughing etc.
Even at the age of 12, I was a total lost case.
I didn’t even understand that they were laughing at me. I was clueless.
Finally I reached the collectorate bus stand. Then a very nice chechy very kindly informed me that I am wearing my skirt inside out!!!
The thing is, I had to twist the skirt to put the hook on and how is that I didn’t realize my skirt is inside out should never baffle you.. Like I mentioned..I am a lost case
And you know what is worst?
I had a presentation this morning with few high flying dudes. I was dressed to the nines. Gina Bacconi Jacket and skirt!!!!
As I was presenting the project project, I looked down to see that I wore my blouse inside out..and I am sure everyone noticed….I want the earth to open up and swallow me..NOW

2 thoughts on “Inside out

  1. Sarah, nice name! By the way, I read your post about wearing the skirt in-out and laughed aloud 🙂 it has happened to me so many times…once, I even dreamt about it and in my sleep I went through so much embarrassment!!

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