Dead Malayalee

Today is onam..
Each year, the malayalee in me is dying a slow ( and painful ) death.
If I tell my children that today is Onam, they will say “Oh really, where is the money ( kai neettam)”. Technically Kai neettam was for vishu, but amma used to give us onam kai neettam and I continued the tradition.
This morning as I was making the lunch for the kids, Yaya came to me and asked if the shorts and t shirt she is wearing match well? I looked at my beautiful child. Pictured her in a silk pavada and blouse. a dozen kuppi vala ( bangles) on her arms, jimukki ( earrings) and may be a mulla mottu mala ( necklace). The truth is, there is no way I can get Yaya to wear any of those. She will not wear a dress, let alone skirt.
I did think of making at least something “malayalee” for dinner. But my son will be coming home this evening and I think he would have missed home cooked food. He loves Russian cabbage rolls, so I am planning to make that for dinner.
I could always tell the kids the story of Onam.
But for what?
They don’t identify as a malayalee and why am I carrying this dying malayalee around?
Wishing you all a very happy onam..and those of you lucky enough to enjoy a day like I used to as a child.. I envy you

5 thoughts on “Dead Malayalee

  1. “Happy Onam” My 2 year old son asked me, Mama is there Onakani today (like vishu kani) I told him monu on onam there is no kani only pookalam. I put pookalam for him, but that lasted only for few minutes. He started jumping and rolling on that. Of course he had a wonderful time playing with pookalam. He wore his mundu & shirt like a traditional malayalee. I don't know as he grows how much importance he will give for Onam and Vishu…

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