I knew !!!

I always knew
at the back of my mind that it was going to happen. Kids kind of inherit parental ideologies!
I was so glad when Yaya told me that she never wanted to watch circus, because she was concerned with the way they transport the animals from place to place
I went to bed thinking that perhaps I was actually doing a good job bringing up my children.
( I never took my children to the zoo because I didn’t agree to keeping animals in a confined space, but I never objected if amma or my sister’s wanted to take my kids to the zoo, because in some twisted logic, I felt I must not impose my value system on to my kids!!)
So happily I lived in my cloud castle and this evening my son told me he got in to trouble at school.
I refused to give him the permission to avoid the Religious Education class. Not because I believe in any religion, but because I want my son to make an informed decision when it comes to his faith.
All he was asked to do was to write his name on the piece of paper..
he wrote
“it is against my religious belief to answer that question” Probably too much of Calvin and Hobbes,
So another visit to the school !!! Perhaps I should tell the school authorities that it is against my religious belief to meet the class teacher!

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