apple and the tree

I came home at 8 pm tonite after doing a federal budget analysis for the board regarding the new funding arrangements and I was exhausted.
I was hoping to warm up something from the freezer for dinner.
Then my son came to me holding my treasured Indian recipe book. he opened up the book and showed me the recipe for kerala fish curry and said
“mom, can you make some spicy fish curry for dinner?”

(They say apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…how true)

Cook fish curry on a weekday..after 14 hours of work?
I wanted to tell him that I will make fish curry for him on Saturday.
I should have
I couldn’t
So I made fish curry.
Then I realized Yaya likes fish curry and moru
so I made moru
then I noticed that there is no vege, so to make it a balanced meal, I made spinach thoran,

Right now, I am so exhausted and I have no one but me to blame.

3 thoughts on “apple and the tree

  1. Nilu: one day!

    Geeth: nah, it wasn't about me being a great mom. It is more of my absolute inability to say no to my kids when they ask for a particular food. I am in this maze of fear where i constantly worry that if i don't cook food for them when they ask me, and if anything happens to me, then who will cook for them. All I wanted to do was to say NO..I was that exhausted.

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