Monday blues

I send my son to school after chewing his brain!!
It started off with him not waking up on time, then he took ages to have his breakfast and then he fought with his sister for some silly thing.. ( all the while, me telling him, hurry up, we are running late)
Then I saw him playing with his squishy..( Hydro phonic thingy that comes in a test tube. Don’t ask, I have no idea why he thinks they are cool)
I was tempted to scream. But I controlled the urge..
It was already 8.30..and we usually leave home at 8.25. He still was not ready. I helped him to pack his lunch bag, even took the school bag to the car, so we won’t be delayed any further.

He came out, barefoot, shoes in his hand and sans his spectacles..
I asked his where are his spectacles.. he runs back ( barefoot again) to the house, get his specks and get back in the car..
I looked at the clock. 8.40.. Seriously late. I was tempted to give him a lecture about time management. But I really didn’t want to start his week with yelling..
As I was reversing the car, he told me
“Mom, I forgot to tell you. teacher asked me to get grade 7 maths text book and I need it today”
You can imagine what happened next!

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