Apart from staying at chengannur house during the weekend or Christmas/Onam holidays I spend most of my life in Urban residential areas. Be it in Kottayam or Bangalore or KL or even Vancouver.
The last time I saw a snake was in my aunt’s house in Bangalore in 1994.
And I had been forewarned that Australia is the land of creepy crawlies..
Yeah right, you are telling that to Methran Thambi’s grand daughter! Ha, I thought. After all I grew up in a farm( even though it was only during the weekends and I watched my grandmother surviving all by hearself!)
Everything was fine till I shifted my residence to an acreage.. In the previous house, the only creepy crawly I saw was an occasional daddy long legs.. and few cane toads..
My realtor warned me about the wallabies that are known to frequent my property and eat all the vegetables from the vege patch. Apart from that, he said it is the usual stuff..
Usual..in my vocabulary was occasional daddy long legs and cane toads.
Well, apparently the realtor and I didn’t speak the same language..
On the first day, I drove over a brown snake.. and the dead snake stayed in my drive way, till the handyman felt sorry for me and helped me to toss it in the bin( and the bin stayed close, till the garbage was picked up!!)
On the second day the resident fox had a gourmet meal. It took Baby’s chook.
On the third day we saw two huge spiders inside my bedroom.
And everyday, I see Hornets and wasps all over the outside of my home.

Methran Thambi’s wife led a very peaceful life in her farm and all I was trying to do was to recreate the same magic.

But the truth is, I am not cut out to live in a farm.. I am terrified of snakes, spiders, hornets, wasps etc..and the worst, I can’t scream when I am terrified..if I do, then my kids would call me a Wuss..

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  1. I don't know how much of the post was written in humour, if any. But as someone that is terrified all animals, that's pretty scary.

    Well, I guess you won't miss Canada much this year. We are going through pretty lousy weather in the East coast and things aren't that much better in the West.


  2. kajan: I saw a huge centepede inside the house and now have my son's baseball bat next to my bed. I am terrified.
    As for the weather..I still miss the cold weather.. it was pretty hot the last few days and only today it rained a bit in the morning.

    Phoenix: Yasi hit North of where I stay.. so didn't affect us.

    susan: we did find snakes in one of the house we stayed in ktm.. but that was when I was in 8th std. After that I only saw snakes in b'lore. I absolutely am scred of snakes.

  3. Sarah,

    so nice and beautiful way you describe about your life and even your hisband ..eventhough he troubled you and put u in lot of troubles …u describe it in reall good way.. nice bloggs …keep it up ..language also nice …i think you are a malayalee and write in good language ..

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