Why you must never use DHL

I had to send some documents to Canada urgently and used DHL..It costs 95AUD, and the person manning the counter at the DHL told me, it would arrive at the destination in three days..
I send the packagel on 16th..It should have arrived on the 19th..
It didn’t
Each time I called the DHL australia, I got to speak to a different person.. Each promising the same..”they will initiate an investigation and let me know by tomorrow”
Now what you need to know is, DHL is a firm believer of “ganapathy’s wedding” Their tomorrows never arrive..Which leads me to make more phone calls.. which leads to more tomorrows..
Finally I was given the reason, the Canadian custom held the package . What is odd is that, this was not a parcel. It was documents..
Then the DHL had the audacity to tell me that the third party was involved in customs clearance and the delay was because of the third party and apparently I, the customer was responsible for the third party\s delay ( ie, According to them, I chose the third party!!! How that is possible, when I am sitting here in Australia and the package was send from here through DHL and I do not have any control as to who clears what from where?)
The package was delivered yesterday. 14 days after I send it.
I asked DHL to return my money, for if I had send the same thing by ordinary post, it would have reached the destination in 7 days,, DHL refuses to return the 85$ I paid by hiding behind the clause” they are not responsible for the delay”
DHL sucks big time..

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