Mixed bag

Jacarandas are in full bloom.. It is such a delight to drive and find trees full of purple flowers. I always have this thing for trees that bloom once a year. It was the flame of the forest in Bangalore, cherry blossoms in Canada and the jacarandas here.
I know I won’t be here to see the Jacarandas bloom next year. I wonder where I am heading next.. I was reading about the aussie bloke who travelled north to south and east to west in Thailand on foot!! How I envy him.I neither have the guts, not the ability to do such a thing. Though there are moments I am so tempted to pack my bag and just go. Kind of having a NIKE moment..”Just do it”

I have always wanted to ensure that there won’t be a generation gap between my children and I. It was all well, till Yaya came to me and told she is head over heels in love with Cody simpson. And I asked her, Cody who? For the love of macaroni, I had no idea who is Cody Simpson. I read Courier mail and Vancouver sun every day without fail. And I had neer even heard about Cody Simpson !!!! She rolled her eyes and told me that I live in pre-historic times. ( Actually to be honest, I did a better job rolling my eyes, when I told Amma that I am so in love with Rahman( 1983) and Amma asked Rahman who?)

So now I am officially a Jurassic mom.!!
Just as my own mother had been to me.. and it hurts !!
Motherhood isn’t easy.

Next few weeks are going to be a nightmare. Yaya needs a grad dress. She is PICKY..so is her mom. And I am waiting for the fireworks to start!!

I can’t believe the baby weighing 2.3 kg born 12 years ago is now as tall as me and graduating middle school and entering high school. Where did the last 12 years go? Time flies eh?

I don’t usually read the same book more than once. ( Prophet is an exception. I actually know the whole book byheart, so I simply close my eyes and read it in my mind now a days.).. But lately, I have been wanting to read the books I read years ago. Today I woke up wanting to read Shiva’s pigeons. Anyone read it? I always gave my books away and now I am beginning to regret giving away my copy of Shiva’s pigeons.

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  1. The generation gap is a good thing. I would hate for my mother to be in tune with every little cultural-phenomenon-phase i had. The fact that she didn't know the hundreds of numskulls i fancied when i was younger is a relief. Imagine to have been judged through all that! 😛
    My parents believed in the “she has friends, we are however, her PARENTS” motto.

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