Having children is certainly life’s way of returning Karma manifolds!

I had the first ‘serious’ teenage angst last night.
It started with Yaya doing her school work on my pc, then coming to me and telling, I did the work, saved it, now I can’t find it.
Upon asking her where she saved the work and what name she used for the file, she replied
“I don’t know”
Before I could even touch the computer to see where she could have saved her work, she hollered at the top of her voice, how much she hates me and my stupid computer.
I tried to tell her, I know she is upset and is worried that she lost the work and probably will have to redo it, but give me a chance, let me look and see if I can retrieve her file.
I thought I was pretty understanding.
Well not so
I was told, I am a horrible mother and that she can’t wait to be 18 and be out of this ‘mad’ house.

Having photographic memory means, one can see one’s own self saying the exact same thing to one’s own mother 28 years ago. I even remember the blue girl guide uniform skirt and the light blue sleeveless top I wore that day!!
I remember my mother telling me, one day when you have your own children you will understand and you will learn.

Technically, I should have kept my mouth shut, but I couldn’t.
I laughed and told my daughter that, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I have said the exact same thing to my mother!
Which made my child even more mad.
I did find her work in the temporary folder.
She still wasn’t pleased.
She didn’t want a hug, she didn’t want to be related to me and she was very sorry that she couldn’t chose a different mother and is now stuck with this horrible mother.
She went to hibernate in her room
I knew how to get her out of the room without much struggle. I made her favourite quesedilla and baked Curly fries for dinner. She loves both and I know there is no way she would resist coming out and having dinner.
I Didn’t go to her room and invite her( if I did, then she would want to up the fight some more). I just gave a general holler, dinner is served! ( I ignored her!)

She could hear her siblings raving about how tasty the food is ( i encouraged them too) and after 10 mints she was out of the room and came and sat with us to eat dinner.
Then she gave me that look.. you know, the sheepish kind of look!!! and I knew all is well, till the next outburst!

I dread the thought that in 5 years time I will have three teenagers in my house. And I do know what goes around comes around..Well.. too late to do much about it, so I shall endure this..

Tomorrow is Oct 7. My baby would have been 14..

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  1. hello,

    i have been reading ur story for a long time. this is the first time that i am commenting here. i see that u havent been continuing the story for a long time…i would love to have it continued…u really write well and i am sure writing gives u such a liberation..just read the post abt baby…was it ur first child? do u mind telling what happened? it is a wonder to me that there are such brave people like u who continues to go on even after challenges. I find it very inspiring especially when i deal with my own challenges


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