Divide and Rule

I don’t know when my sisters will realize that Amma has been playing the famous divide and rule game with us since we were born.
To this day there has never been a time when all four of us were talking to each other. Amma ensured that.
Everything was fine, till Amma came to live with me. although I don;t generally call my sisters or write to them, we were still in talking terms ( ie, if they call, I will at least talk!!)

Few weeks ago, she cried and told my older sister over the phone that I was mean to her!!
The thing is I wasn’t.
I had promised myself before she came over that I will not scream/yell or shout at my mother, even though her actions make me want to strangle her.I know she is old and won’t have many years left. I just wanted one chance to live with her happily.
So in all honesty, I can assure that I never ever said a nasty word to her the last 6 months..( There were days she made me so mad and I have driven pretty fast on the highway, just to calm down, but I didn’t yell at her.)
Did my sister believe me?
Of course not.
I had to endure an hour long lecture about how Amma has struggled to raise us and how much longer we will have the joy of her presence on planet earth!!
It makes me mad to receive lectures from someone who was never there for her mother to begin with. It makes me even more mad when she doesn’t even try to hear my side of the story.

so now I let the machine speak to my sister when she calls. I don’t need to hear any more lectures.

I wish there be a day the 4 of us can stand united..but miracles rarely happen..rarely..
Till then, amma keeps bullying and we let her bully us.

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  1. Every time I read about your mother, it makes my blood boil! Sometimes I WISH you weren't such a good writer…who expresses her thoughts so effectively that it reaches its mark, everytime.

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