The most stree free Birthday party ever

Today we had Yaya’s 12th birthday party and so far this was the most stress free party I have ever had for the kids.
Yaya wanted a mall treasure hunt party.
She made the invitation
She decided how many people she was going to invite and invited 9 friends.
Initially she was planning to give money to her friends and they had to buy stuff that is on the list. Financially it wasn’t viable.
So then she divided her friends in to group of three. Gave each group 6 dollars, each group member had to buy nail polsih, earring or hairband for 2 dollars each which they could take home.
She also asked her friends to bring a camera and they had to take photos of the items in the list.
some of the items in the list were
potting soil
all purpose flour
purple balloon

etc (40 items)

We went to the mall by bus.
I took a book with me and read while the kids were busy hunting for treasures.
Winning team got a price.
For goody bag, she bought a Smiggles pencil, a bar of Lindt chocolate and a pen.

I baked meat pies, made hot dogs, served with fries.
Yaya wanted a giant cookie instead of a birthday cake and I made this. It was awesome.

Every one had fun.
I had peace of mind.

No more parties until Jan.

Wait a minute there is Thanks giving and Halloween coming up!

(my mother hid in the room all through the party!!! She couldn’t be bothered to even consider Yaya’s feelings)

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