I think I got it all wrong

I was asked this morning “Why I didn’t go and call Amma when she didn’t come out of the room during the party”
Why didn’t I?
I thought she was old enough to understand that it was Yaya’s b’day party and that is she part of our family. That is why I didn’t go to her room and asked her why she is staying inside.
May be I was wrong.
Perhaps Amma just wanted to feel that she was wanted and I ignored her.
This is really not easy.
I no longer know what to think any more.
All I want is not to regret when she is gone that I didn’t do enough and somehow I feel that it is going to happen

2 thoughts on “I think I got it all wrong

  1. I personally feel you should it easy on yourself. Yes, it would probably have been nice had you called your mother, but then she could have also participated in her g'daughter's b'day celebrations. It works both ways. Yaya had a good time and so did you 🙂 And cheer up, you are doing a great job ! 🙂 Oh and belated wishes to Yaya for her bday

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