Years ago while studying in UK, I delivered flyers to the homes around the university.
Being directionally challenged, I was very weary of taking up the job. But money was needed!

The day was a very clear winter morning. I remember thinking it was very beautiful.

Some houses had signs outside saying no flyers. But I was delivering University flyer and I was told that Uni employees will make random phone calls to house holds to enquire if they received the flyers. So i decided to deliver the flyers, irrespective of if the house owner wished or not. One particular house, my fingers were almost eaten by the dog, just as I tried to push open the slot on the door.
Some houses I could hear the dogs having a go at the flyer i had just delivered. I pitied the house owner and the mess he or she will have to deal with when they returned in the evening.
Some houses I couldn’t find the damn mailbox!
Few houses had the mail slot near the bottom of the door. I wondered if they even thought how inconvenient it is to bend down while holding heavy stack of flyer in your hand.
I was thirsty before I could complete half of my round. I didn’t take water because I didn’t want to carry that weight as well.
So although the day was beautiful, I was feeling crabby by the minute.
Then I came to this house on a hill.
It was constructed in such a way that all rooms faced the valley.
I thought, now that is a beautiful house.
Just as I was about to go up the stairs to deliver the flyer, the door was opened and a very old man came out pushing a bed. I could hear him talking.
Then he propped up the head end of the bed.
Then I saw her.
She was so beautiful, so frail, so old.
I heard him telling her
“Darling it is a beautiful day”
She didn’t say anything
I don’t think she understood. She was just staring in to the distance.
He pulled the chair that was there closer to the bed. sat down, all the while talking to her.
I kind of felt I was trespassing their private moment. yet it felt so good to see the love he had for her.
I remember thinking
Would I ever find someone like that to grow old with!

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  1. Susan: It was really a beautiful sight and I cherish it

    Unnikuttan: Not sure how to answer ur question..people come to ur life for a reason and stay for a season.. are they all that 'someone'? I don't know.. but if you ask me if I found the one person I would like to grow old with.. then the answer is “yes” Absolutely.

    Smitha: Yes.. I did. I still do

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