Taking a step back

Today i had a meeting with my son’s school principal and guidance counsellor.
My son keeps telling me how bored he is at school and I knew from experience that the more bored he is, the more trouble he gets in to. I was discussing the ways we could work together.
While talking to the Principal, i told her that my son is supposed to do a project on Industrial revolution. He has no clue when the project is due, and since Monday I have been asking him to find out and he is not bothered.
She suggested that I don’t ask him anymore.
She suggested that I take a step back.
Let him fail and learn to take responsibility.
I understand her point.
I know I have to take a step back.
I am an extremely organized person and I hate the thought of him handing in incomplete work. Yet i can’t forever be there reminding him to do his work.
The day before the project is due, all hell will break lose here and the part of me knows that I can prevent it by asking him to do his work..
Meanwhile my daughters.. they submit all their projects when it is due.. I don’t even remember when i have asked to see Yaya’s work..She never has any problems..
Why are boys so different!
I know I will never figure it out.

4 thoughts on “Taking a step back

  1. Yes, it is the rare boy, especially at this young age, who is organized. I agree with his teacher. All the best to you to stay on top of things, while taking a step back.

  2. You will just be enabling his laziness by doing it for him. it sounds brutal, but your school admins may be right, let him taste defeat/failure. hope it swings him back on to the right path. What does his dad have to say about it, why does this sound like something you alone have to handle?

  3. Ann: I guess it takes the whole village to raise a boy..When the Principal told me to take a step back, it was like taking the blinds off my eyes.. I really understood her points..
    But the thought that I have to put up with shoddy work and untidy room ( I hv to go after him or his room looks like a teunami transit zone) bothers me so much.
    I itch to tell him to get the work done. Today being saturday I am hoping that I won't fall in to temptation.

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