My son did the WISC-IV few weeks ago.
I got the report yesterday.
I guess I was afraid what the report might be and delayed getting the report till yesterday. I do that often. ( Closing me eyes and think that problem will go away).
After going through the challenges of raising Yaya, perhaps a part of me hoped that my son would be “Normal”.
Then I feel guilty for thinking like that when most parents want a smart child.

His IQ is 139.

I am happy for him. At the same time I am terrified, because my child is a loner. He keeps his friends at bay. He doesn’t compete with anyone else. (He competes with himself). He hates it when he is wrong. He gets in to trouble at school often because he questions authority. He goes through guilt conscience, sometimes over things that happened 5 – 6 years ago.
I am terrified because most children like him can go off tangent in a split second.
Every day is a struggle between persistence-perseverance and perfection. Add obsession to it and you have a nightmare in your hands.

I didn’t tell him about the results.
First of all I don’t believe in IQ tests. The school wanted the tests done so they could prepare an IEP. ( Individual Education Plan). He really needed an IEP ( he didn’t want to go to school because he was bored and he was being very rude to his teacher)was so I agreed for the tests.

I didn’t tell him about the result because knowing his IQ level is not going to improve his life right now.

Motherhood is not easy.

5 thoughts on “139

  1. WOW 139 is AMAZING!!!! You should be so proud!!!!

    You know when you used to write stories from your childhood, I used to wonder how anybody could have such an AMAZING memory…I just couldn't fathom it!

    Now I see that your children got your traits.

    I understand from what you write that it is a tough job bringing up talented kids but I think you're doing a great job of nurturing it, & that too single-handedly! Hats off!


  2. Maybe, just maybe-you should let him know. I think he is somewhere going on the guilt trip of why on earth he is different from everyone else??
    And this might help him and let him know that he is actually better and belongs to the best of the best.
    And thats awesome!!!

  3. Nilu: I can't take credit for my son's intelligence.. All i feel is guilty..mostle because I know what i went though and I know more than anyone what my children will be facing in the long run..It is scary

    Jina: I contemplated over and over if I should tell him. I didn't because right now my son has Zero tolerance for other students who are not smart enough/quick enough etc etc. I didn't want to aggrevate the situation by telling him that his report shows he has a good IQ.
    Perhaps he will see it himself that he is different and perhaps he might be able to accept
    that it is going to be like that for him

  4. i can see where u are coming from.unfortunatley i do have a high IQ of 152 and i'm not sure whether to be proud or not.Only thing i know is that all through out my life i have always been miserable, one way or other and now i fear my daughter has the same problem !!! to be honest , it is a bitter sweet as u feel proud at one minute , but rather miserable at the next .talking abt friends , dont know whether the so called friends feel threatened by me or whether i 'm alienating everyone.

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