Too Old

Really.. too old..
I stopped learning maths when I was 15. In fact on March 14( or the day after/before) 1986, the day I wrote my SSLC maths exam, I promised myself never again will I force myself learn which train reached the station faster! or anything similar to that.
After all I figured, as long as the train reached the station I never had to worry about it.

Here I am, at the ripe old age of 39, getting up at the ungodly hours of morning and trying to figure out maths work problems.

My daughter is writing the scholarship test and wants me to help her.

I thought helping her meant downloading few sample papers from google and handing it over to her.
Well, apparently it doesn’t work that way.
So now I get up early, read the questions a million times, so I can understand what information was given, drink a million cup of coffee and hoping that caffeine would help me figure out what i am supposed to find, cursing anyone and everyone when I can’t.

Being the stubborn person that i am, I don’t give up and that is the problem.
( I wish i studied in English medium, because most of the maths terminologies makes no sense to me)
Can anyone help me to answer the question number 13 on this test. I just can’t figure it out.

3 thoughts on “Too Old

  1. Hi Sara,
    Answer is row 2 ; the picture provides scale also which helps you to count the length of each segment- so if u try writing the length on each will be easy for ur kid to understand..
    happy that you started writing again..

  2. I think the answer is Row 2.
    Count the length of each line in the pattern befoe it turns at an angle of 90 degrees, after a while it starts to repeat itself and you can match it back to the Vedic square rows. I started counting at the little 3 x 1 rectangle at the top of the diagram, anti-clockwise and got 3,5,7,9,2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7,9,2….. matches to Row 2.

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