FREE !!!


I don’t know what is it with the Malayalee that a four letter word can instantly catch his or her attention.
We ( my mother and 4 daughters) have been under the ‘free’ spell as long as I can remember. I remember being asked to run ( Specific orders.don’t walk, run – lest our neighbour beat me to the store and bought the last one) to the local grocery to buy brookebond coffee because they were giving a free sewing kit along with the coffee.
The sewing kit in this case was a tiny plastic pouch with 2 white buttons, one snap button and a needle, and Amma had that sewing kit, still in its original cover till I left India in 1994!

Over the years I tried explaining to my wonderful mother that no company is magnanimous enough to offer you something free, there by depleting their profit. Instead you are increasing their profit by falling for a wonderful marketing strategy.
No luck. None at all. Amma is tuned to the word Free and can spot it even from mars.
Took her to the shopping mall few days ago and I saw my mother rushing to a phone shop to grab a flier. She came out grinning and waving the flier happily as though she won the lotto.

money (not money, mallu endearing term money) See what I found. She waved the flier in front of my face.
“It is Free” She jumped up and down as though India won the Cricket match.
I took the flier from her hand to see what she is talking about.
New phone plan with “Free” Twitter.

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    P.S: Was watching a repeat episode of 'desperate housewives' & one of the characters had to take in her estranged mom coz she was not welcome at her sisters.' Reel life taking inspiration from real life episodes! Wish you all the luck and happiness. Keep chugging:)

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