Sex and the kids

Gosh I am going crazy..
It all started with a book my son wanted and I refused by saying the magic word “later’, hoping he would eventually forget.
He didn’t and we couldn’t find the book in the shop again.
Of course he never forgave me.
We went for another book sale a week ago and he found this incredibile book ( his words) that he really really must have.
I tried the ‘later’ magic and he looked at me incredulously.
The look that clearly said “Have you forgotten what happened the last time you said ‘later’??
I took the book from his hand and had a quick glance.
Title was” 211 things a bright boy can do” by Tom Cutler.
It had articles about using the wrist watch as a compass etc and I bought it for him.
He was reading the book in the car on the way back home and never put it down for a minute even after coming home.
I was curious.
it is not like my son to read a book non stop.
I wondered what is so interesting.
I waited for him to go to school the next day, so I could read it.
He took the book to school.
It took 4 days before I could get my hands on it.
There was articles about how to tell when a girl likes you and I loved the part where it tells you how to mow the perfect lawn… till I reached the part that said How to judge a woman’s bra size at a glance!
I was upset, so very upset.
I am not some Jehovah witness follower where things such as a boy finding a woman’s breast size should offend me.
I am a well educated woman.
And the best part is, I don’t even know why I am upset.
The mother in me knows children will grow in to adults and sex is nothing but part of life… but this journey..morphing of children to adults is not as easy as I thought all these while.

2 thoughts on “Sex and the kids

  1. I can 'sort' of understand ur disappointment.
    But Im seriously amused and is wondering how..haha..It cracks me up, seriously!!

    Ah.Parenting is hard. I shall take tips from ya later

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