I bought Patho and Pharmacology text book. I didn’t have money to buy Micro text book. I will have to rely on Ramesh’s notes and Sumi’s text book. I hoped she wouldn’t ask the book back before the exams.

I thought of going to the canteen and staking out. But I had so much to study and I still had plenty of time to sort out my personal problems later. After all it was all a misunderstanding.

Sometime around 5 pm I heard someone knocking at the door
“come in” I called
“Ma’am someone is waiting for you at the canteen” A very timid Junior girl whispered.
“I don’t know his name ma’am”
I was wearing a very old t shirt and jeans. I didn’t even bother to change my clothes. I ran all the way to the canteen.
Boy was I thrilled and excited!.

Arjun and Rupesh were sitting outside. I pretended I didn’t see them and quickly tried to sneak inside the canteen.
“Hey Nina, here” Arjun waved.
I had no choice but to acknowledge.
“Arjun, give me a sec” I walked inside the canteen and looked around. I was pretty sure I would find him inside.
He wasn’t there.
I refused to accept that it was Arjun who send the word.
I looked again.
Nope, he wasn’t inside.
I walked out quietly.
Arjun was looking at me
“What’s up?”I asked Arjun
“What were you ding inside? Who were you looking for?”
I knew he wouldn’t had the guts to stomach the fact that I was technically two timing him and was looking for the love of my life.
“I was looking for Anitha”
“Oh! I saw her walking towards the gallery few minuets ago” Rupesh spoke
“Right. Sorry Arjuhn, I have to go now. I have choir practice”
“choir practice? Now?”
“yeah for Christmas Carol”
“Are you crazy? You are wasting your time. Don’t you know the internals will start in 2 weeks?” Arjun asked
I looked at him and smiled the 70mm smile.
“I finished studying already” I fibbed and started to walk towards the canteen.

I never missed a single carol practice. He missed every single practice.

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