I once had a wonderful Anatomy lecturer who taught my batch for about 3 months before he got admission to do PG. I don’t really remember what he taught, except one thing. He told me that Knowledge directly depends on you asking Why at every turn and understanding that there has to be a reason/ explanation for everything.
It was a simple logic and I taught my kids to ask Why for everything.
But unfortunately I don’t know the answer to all the Why’s they ask. Though I try very very hard to answer their queries.
This morning Yaya wanted to know which is the most used human body part?
Of course I knew the answer “Heart” I answered.

She shook her head and said, mama you don’t use your heart. It is part of the Autonomic Nervous system. So you don’t use it. It just work whether you want it or not.

I honestly said ‘ bloody @ #$% ‘ in my head.
I promised her I will find the answer by the time she comes back from school.

I really don’t know which is the most used human body part. Eyes? Ears? Fingers?
What do you guys think? What is the answer?

6 thoughts on “Questions..

  1. whatever be the body part, it doesn’t matter. Ask Yaya what that body part could be. And whatever she tells you, that is the correct answer. This not only lets them ask the question, but also lets them find an answer.

  2. Dipi: nah..Not Skin.. we don’t use the skin like we use eyes and ears..
    Mridul: No luck. She doesn’t know the answer either( though we both think it could be the eyes).. and I dare not tell her the wrong answer. she still hasn’t forgotten or forgiven me for the one and only mistake she made in her grade 1 maths home work because she asked her mother for help!

  3. u could may be say brain… coz thats the one which gives commands to all the other parts…

    but yes… yaya needs to know that all the parts are equally important… ( I bet u will surely tell her this).

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