It is raining
It is cold
My best friend has gone home to Hong Kong
to celebrate Christmas.
I am lonely.
I miss home,
sunny days,
pasar malam,
Indian restaurants in Brickfields..

And today I feel like eating egg bhaji.
I never learned how to make the coating that covers the egg crispy and thick.( making a thick batter of chikpea flour hasn’t made any difference. )
if ya know, please tell me how to do it

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  1. u wont need a very thick requires a little thin batter of besan (kadle maavu). You will get this in any of the indian stores. Also, for the crispiness, add just a teaspoon of boiling oil too for the batter, and if u add very little of rice flour too the bajji becomes a little crisp.

  2. Art: tried all that.. The egg bhaji that was served in my college canteen had a thick crispy coating that remained crisp even after few hours. I know there is something missing in my recipe. This is how I do it. 1/2 cup chickpea flour, 1 tbl spn rice flour, 1/2 t spn Soda bi carbonate, 1/2 t spn Chilli powder, a pinch of asafoetida and salt to taste.
    I make a thick batter, dust the egg with flour before dipping in the batter and deep frying.
    I wonder if they soaked and ground the lentils and made a batter with that.

  3. Sarah, I dont have much experience but I have heard my mother saying that in fritters when u add baking soda, it gives a texture when immdtly eaten but becomes soggy after u keep for sometime….so may be u can try once avoiding that ingredient alone ….

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