One gift a day

This year, I plan to give my kids 25 gifts to Christmas, starting December 1st. Nothing big or fancy.. just the little things they wanted all through the year, like kooky click it pens( Why they love it, I have no idea) and I had responded saying “not now!”
The idea is that they get to open 25 gifts on Christmas day.
I keep the ‘gifts of the day’ on the dining table just before the kids return from school and it is so cute to see them looking at it and trying to figure out what it is.

Each day, I wake up thinking what am I going to get them today? Not an easy task.
Today I remembered Yaya telling me that she wants to do something for the children in India. I am sure she would love to share her ‘gift of the day’ with someone else who normally wouldn’t get a gift.

Now the problem is, I do not support an organization that is run by any religious order. Neither will I support an organization that is run by individuals like the Anchorage.
I am looking for a registered NGO that works with the street Children and providing them with education. Do you know of any?

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  1. me too worked in akansha…they r quite good…u can also try make-a-wish foundation and smile foundation..
    and of course there is mad in kerala which is run by college kids

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