I usually don’t like to give excuses..
But the thing is , Beginning of this year, I had a list of books I wanted to read and I still have 38 more books in my list to read.( including Indochine by Christie Dickason and The Sinbad voyage by Tim Severin, 2 books I have been wanting to read for almost 2 decades!.)

Then there are cookies to be baked to be given as gifts for friends.

Then there is the Christmas tree that needs to be decorated.
After reading Anderson’s story about Christmas tree, I never wanted to buy a real tree. But kids wanted a real tree. We reserved our tree at the tree farm, but will only cut it and bring it home next week, so I won’t have to deal with pine needles till after Christmas.
We still haven’t made any of the decorations for the tree yet. We usually make all the decorations ourselves..
Windows have yet to be painted
wreath yet to be made
And of all the silly things I do, I promised the kids I will stitch their Christmas stocking this year! Three giant stockings! I should have kept my mouth shut and bought the stockings from the loonie store.

I know procrastination is my middle name.. but right now all I want to do is hide under my blanket( with my book of course) and pretend that life will be NORMAL as it should be when I lift the blanket off my face.

But then again there is still another 17 more days to Christmas, 3 weeks!

( ok la, 4 days short of three weeks)..
Enough time for me to read Indochine..
Don’t really know when I can update my blog..
Hopefully soon..

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