Orca costume is done
Poirot is almost done. Only the top hat needed to be made and I have forgotten to buy the black manila boards! So it can only be done tomorrow.
Now the witch’s costume.
I was initially thinking of making an A-line skirt and a shiny cape. Then I saw this and started to wonder why am I struggling so much..
Can anyone tell me what the 3rd comment on the right hand side means?
What does she mean cutting it diagonally from the “pit”?

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  1. Phoenix: I thought so.. but couldn’t figure out how to cut it..

    cnfsd: First of all, loved your website.
    But I must protest, No roti canai or Nasi lemak in your menu la? Sho!Those are my favourite food.

    For appetizer when you have vegetarians around, the safest bet is Rojak.( I add few slices of boiled egg for the die hard non vegetarians!!)
    Entrees: Try a combination of nasi, Malaysian Chili chicken, Sayur Lemak and Eggplant with basil.
    Char Kway teow for Non Veg and Mee goreng for veg.
    Dessert: Didn`t see any in your menu.. You could provide Pisang goreng with ice cream or the Pulut inti.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Aditi: It went well. it stopped raining that evening and we went for trick or treating around 6 pm and were back home by 7.30.
    Yaya was pleased with her costume, So was baby.
    Instead of looking for clues, Poirot was busy whacking the shrubs with his walking stick and creating his own mini rain. He also ensured that he walked through each and every single puddle en route. So all in all we had a great time and a pillow case full of candies

  3. cnfsd: Try Pinot Blanc with any light starter
    Sauvignon Blanc for any meat stir fry
    Gewurztraminer with most Malaysian Chicken curries
    South African Chardonnay(Golden Kaan) goes well with most of our seafood recipes

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