First they wanted to be the three musketeers. or Perhaps Larry Mo and Curly especially when they can pull each other’s ears!
Then they felt that is not cool.
Then they wanted to be Little red riding hood, grandma and the wood cutter
But that still wasn’t cool.
Then one wanted to be a traffic light( with working lights of course!)
and the other two contemplated the merits of dressing up as
Constantine 1,
Joan of Arc
Sarah Palin( Goodness gracious!)
Al Gore( Why?)
and Finally they decided this morning

Yaya wants to be a “stylish” witch ( Catwalk model turned witch!)
Baby wants to be an Orca ( knowing her love for all things related to ocean, I should have guessed that)
and Toothless wants to be Hercule Poirot

They reminded me again at the school this morning that since this will be their last Halloween in North America they really want it to be perfect!

And I, the creator of all things spooky am off to the shop to find material and then going to haunt my seamstress friend..( patham class pareeksha kazhinjappol amma paranjatha Paikadas collegil poyi tailoring padikkan..Annu athu cheythirunnel innu sewing machine il noolu korkkanenkilum arinjeney.. Sho kashtam)

( Don’t even ask how I keep doing everything in the very last minute!)

So here is wishing all of you a spooktacular Halloween

and you can wish me good luck.

Ps: After reading Pancharakutti’s comment, I had an Archimedes moment, a brain wave or whatever you call it..I would love to know what your kids are going to wear tomorrow.. Do tell

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  1. same here…. finally i got one last night

    my little one is gonna be a mermaid! I am not sure how she will pull through the parade – it has gotten pretty cold this week (snowed for a while here – 2 days back)!

    btw, last halloween in NA?

  2. Sarah, I came here from your “east and west and in the middle recipes” …i left a note on ur raisin pickle there…since u had not updated that page for a while, i wondered if u still access it or not…so thought of leaving a thank you note here..for sharing that beautiful recipe for us.

    Have a spooky halloween 🙂

  3. Pacharakutti: My sister had given my son a batman costume when he was little and I remember how much he enjoyed being a batman!

    Phoenix: We are heading to down under(Sydney) beginning of next year.

    Santosh: It is raining cats and dogs here and I dread going out with three of them in the rain..

    Mishmash: The blog is still there, I didn’t add it in my profile. Glad to know that you liked the raisin pickle. It is a staple in our house.

    Rachna: Pumpkin!!! Wow.. Did ya make the costume yourself?

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