I want to deny it.. but I am obsessed with a lot of things.
I always get up from my right side,
always press the accelerator before changing the gear,
the towels should be hung with the edges straight,
clothes hung in the closet according to colour,
all the spice bottles must have the label facing front.
I hate to be late.. etc etc.

Then there is an obsession with body weight.
Nah, I am not anorexic!
I don’t diet either.
I was 52 kg 15 years ago and after each pregnancy I got back in to my original 52 kg.
But the last year I gained 5 kilos!( and I swim 20 laps twice a week!)
That means (a bit of) belly fat and (a bit of) side tires!
I know I sound so vain, but I hate to be fat.
I have so many vices( read cinnamon bun, french fries, kettle cooked chips) that is the cause of the weight gain, apart from the fact that I am growing old!
I can’t imagine a life without cinnamon bun, in other words that means I am not ever going on a diet.
The problem is to lose a Kg of fat I need to burn 7700 calories. To lose 5 kg… gosh I don’t even want to know!
So here is my plan.
1.Brisk walk 3 km every morning.
2.Half crunch 30 times
3.lying leg raise 30 times
4.eat cinnamon bun every day.

Hopefully I can lose the 5 kg in the next 6 to 9 months.

8 thoughts on “Obsessions!

  1. Sarah,
    Nothing to do with this post.. but read a few of your earlier posts and remembered these lines
    “I drift around my room and write
    to shadows, thinking as I always did
    that writing only can make peace, can right
    and heal that which life made sordid”

    Peace be with you Sarah..
    May your writings bring you peace..


  2. Hi Sarah ! You are the only other person I have come across who is as obssessed with cinny buns as I am !! I would die for one ! I grew up eating them but now here in India , its impossible to come by. I tried the recipes on the Net…but not good. Anyway, your fitness plan sounds great ! More power to you !

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