3 days

3 days of 3 km walking, 3 days of stomach crunches and other fat reducing + muscle building activities, trust me, I am beginning to lose it.

No no no.. not the fat.. the motivation!

I want to shout and say “Hey, I am a 37 yrs old mother of three kids. 57 kg is the ideal weight for my height ( at least that is what the medical books say)” !

I keep asking myself “Why am I torturing myself like this?” Especially when 3/4 of the Malayalee women between 35 to45 in Kerala are obese.

I am not obese anyway.

And I really love cinnamon bun with cream cheese topping.

Right now I am angry with the person who invented Cinnamon bun. Because of him or her I still have to get up at 7 in the morning and walk three km( tomorrow it is supposed to rain) and come back and eat a warm cinnamon bun and drink a cup of tea with three sugar.

Life is not fair.( Shhh Don’t tell Yaya that I said that)

8 thoughts on “3 days

  1. lol… no worries, my Amma has much more than 57kgs n she’s beautiful! the most beautiful Amma in the whole wide world… I am sure Yaya, Toothless and Baby say the same about you! God bless your day!

  2. Did you also happen to see the bright, beautiful rainbow saturday evening amidst the drizzle in vancouver? Lasted about an hour and a half..!

  3. Centipede: You have no idea whay my children make me go through.. My son who is an ardent garfield fan is kind enough to say that I am as fat as Garfield,So I have company. Yaya on the other hand is not worried about being nice.. she just calls me FATTy!

    D: Nah.. missed it totally..Did you look for the pot of Gold?

    Arti: 5’6.

    Kumar: He he he.. There are three types of Cinnamon buns I like.. One plain old, one with cream cheese frosting and one with raisins.. which all three of my kids hate and I buy regularly!!!!

  4. Kumar: You bet!
    Did I also mention that it is summer here?? So strawberry shortcake,peaches and cream,smoothies..vodka, baileys and heineken…. the list goes on…..!!!

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