Found this poem after a long search..

If I should ever see you, face to face and eye to eye,
I’d tell you of my sorrow, point by point sigh by sigh.

But like the wind i seek you, searching where we might meet,
Searching from door to door, from house to house, from street to street.

Searching for that small mouth, the scent that cheek bestows,
Searching from bud to bud, from flower to flower, from rose to rose.

My heart’s blood spills as tears that fall unceasingly.
Flowing from creek to creek, from stream to stream, from seas to sea.

My life is woven through with love: the broken heart you left,
Is yours now – thread by thread. and warp by warp, and weft by weft.


3 thoughts on “Ghoratalaine

  1. Gardenlane:The poem was written in Persian by one of the most courageous woman ever to be born.Her name was Tahirih. She was also called Qurratu’l-`Ayn ( I spelled it wrong.
    More abt her can be read


    The translated version I posted today was incomplete.. The full text is here.


    Vidya: thank you

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