Yaya has viral conjunctivitis and she had my brain for breakfast.

She is now in the process of figuring out what else she can do( her preferred choices are screaming, crying, yelling,nagging, shouting and more crying) to bring more excitement to her mama’s boring life.
Sorry no update till she goes back to school..

Since I can’t really blog, I thought I would something to keep me sane ..
You can ask a question and I will (try to) answer.
However please note: Those questions that have already been asked didn’t get a reply will remain the same way..

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  1. Hi Sarah.. hope Yaya recovers soon..ok I would love to ask you one question.. have you ever though of going bck to work sometime later? may be when the baby is a bit grown up?

  2. hi Sarah,

    I have been reading your blog for a long time, but never commented. I couldn’t possibly pass this oppourtunity to ask you something I have been thinking about at all times – Do did you end up finally with Beautiful Eyes?……Also, I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you manage without working? I mean, from your posts, it feels like you are the only adult in the house, and you do not work. Please , don’t misunderstand.

  3. Donot worry Sarah..this is a phase in every child’s life. I have a 3 yr old, and believe me…it is not easy at all…But that gives me more reasons to love him more. I know that I am the only person (and his dad), who he can come to, do all the tantrums and still be loved. Please be positive, because when they are screaming/crying, we as adults need to do our best to keep ourselves from doing the same thing.
    My question is:
    How do you manage with three kids alone? To me it seems impossible…

  4. neethu: Right now, I am really enjoying being a stay at home mother. I get to spend so much time with the kids, I get to read books when the kids are at school and I even get enough time to bake their favourite goodies..however a part of me miss going to work, earning tons of money, spending it all.. etc.. I want to go back to work when Baby goes to school full time, ie next year!! But I will only work those hours when kids are at school.

    Hrmshrms: Ah! the first Q.. u will get the answer in a few weeks time.
    Abt managing without working.. well I do have a catering company, I cook meals for clients on a weekly basis and make enough to survive..

    Pancharakutty: Oh, I really want her to get well soon.. She can’t read right now and she wants me to read for her.. not a small story.. she wants me to read the whole book!!

    Gardenlane: I dread when Yaya falls ill..She morphs in to a devil… with me being the resident Devil.. we end up fighting..
    She cried all morning, (not enough that her eyes were tearing due to the viral infection..) I wanted her to stop crying, so her eyes could rest.. she felt she has a right to cry, because it is her eyes that are painful and she felt I was being a mean mama who do n’t understand how painful her eyes are!!!..
    Managing three kids? I keep them busy( swimming, skating and soccer)so they have no time to fight!

  5. Ursjina: Of all the books I have read, there is one book that I read again and again.
    It is the prophet by Gibran. It is my favourite book and Gibran is my favourite author..

  6. This is a direct question…the children’s father …is he in malaysia too, I guess, i’m wondering why you 4 are in Canada by yourselves and all your family is elsewhere?

  7. Hi Sarah ,

    A big get well soon to YAYA !!!!

    Could you give me a list of other books you liked what ever on top of your head ? (Few at least)

    I can pick a Malayalam book easily , but when I am in the library here in US i just do not know what to look for.

    Thanks in Advance,


    off Topic
    I just wanted to share this – not a related topic – (sorry)

    When I was in hospital for few days , my baby boy (6yrs) visited me every day with get well soon baloons , he promptly took them back every day and told me that “Mamma what is the point of you having them if I am not there to see it” . But I noticed how good and helpful he was when he thought I was sick. He also told me to cry if it was paining and mentioned it feels good to cry when you are sick.

    (I do not have a google account , so I am sending it from my Husband’s id)

  8. Zaara: In due time!

    Venu: My book choices are pretty weird..I read so many different categories of books.. yet there are books that I do not read.. For eg Harry Potter..

    If I want something easy to read, I pick books by John Grisham, Irwin Wallace, Robert Ludlum, Sidney sheldon etc
    If I want classics, then I would like
    1. Count of Monte Christo
    2. To kill a mocking bird
    3.Gone with the wind
    4.One hundred years of solitude
    5.The catcher in the rye
    6.Great Expectation

    And for romance.. harlequin any time..

  9. Hi Sarah,
    Istarted reading your blog recently
    and got hooked to it .I used to read till 2 or 3 in the morning till I finished the back log.When I told my husband about the story he said its a nice story but not a true life story saying no one in their right mind would go through all this and still willingly go through the same torture .So this is my question :Is this a true story?

  10. Sarah
    This is my question – Your mother, Maria, Liza and Sally – Have they repented for how they have hurt you and do they know about this blog ?

    All the best with Yaya at home !

  11. Vidhya: Joseph Dunninger once said “For those that believe no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not, none will suffice.”

    Revathy: When I started the blog,the only intention was for me to heal..
    Vengeance or even hatred never an issue.
    I can’t undo the past. Neither do I want my family to feel sorry for what had already happened.
    At the end of the day, Amma is still my mother and my sisters are still my sisters.
    ( although there remains absolutely no chance that we would see eye to eye without another war of words)

  12. Anooja: Well.. I do raise three very active kids all by myself and most of the time the only free time I get is the 2 1/2 hours when baby is at kindergarten.
    I update my blog, catch up on the correspondences,read the latest medical journals, pay the bills etc during that time.
    Rest of the day is spend cooking for clients, taking kids for their sports activities, playing with them, reading stories for them, tidying up after them and by the time I get to bed it is midnight and I am exhausted. So much as I would like to reply to all the comments, I just don’t get enough time..

  13. Hey Sarah

    soo many questions in my head…yet i know u will not answer them but will tell it out in due time…gosh i hate waiting hahah..

    when u said u take care of 3 kids alone…i am assumin u r home alone all day..or u r alone..

    2ndly..are u in touch with ur parents n sister..n that ass george..is he still alive?

    i used to always comment..but nowadays i dont know what to say…n besides my hands r full with a very very active 7mth old…also i did see ur id on orkut…wasnt sure whether i should add u or not..


  14. Rosie: Right now Amma phones once in a while, that is only because Liza and she had a fight. Whenever Amma has a falling out with one of us, she would phone the daughter she was not talking to till that moment.ie at any given moment she only talks/keeps in touch with only three of her daughters!

    I am terrible when it comes to correspondences or making phone calls..

    It is very rare that I go to the post office to post a letter.(I hate going to the post office and it started after the anonymous letter George send when I was at college.)In Malaysia my staff used to post the letters for me.. here I have to rely on friends and it is difficult explaining to someone why I can’t do it myself.

    I also hate calling up people, because I rely on lip reading when I talk and when I can’t see the person in front of me, it kind of bothers me..
    So for a long time my sisters were upset with me and now I think they are more or less used to the fact that I don’t write or call.( I am Horrible, No?)

    (Unfortunately) George is still very much alive..

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