New Day for Malaysia!!

Today Malaysians will wake up to a new day.

Winds of Change has finally reached our shore.

We did it.. We denied the 2/3 majority to the ruling party goons.

Samy Velu, the bane of every single Malaysian finally bid goodbye after holding the seat for 34 years. Mr Velu, I want you to remember, you are the reason why hundreds of Malaysian Indians languish as bonded labourers in estates, why our economic status remain unchanged despite the fact that Malaysia gained independence from Britain 50 years ago..

Mr. Badawi, You were the Nero, Malaysia never needed and the polls have clearly shown that we don’t want you. Goodbye Mr Badawi.

I am so Happy..

1 thought on “New Day for Malaysia!!

  1. Amen to that. My only fear is that the solidarity of the opposition might splinter, playing into BN’s hands. And God forbid another Samy emerges.

    Ann (another Malaysian in Canada)

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