In Singapore !!!!

Having the best time of my life…

Watched the first thunderstorm after 2 years and six months.. Remembered how Yaya and Toothless used to wear their rain coats and played in the rain..Now they sit next to me and watch the rain..
Loved the the beautiful tree lined roads..and realised how much I missed the rain forests of Malaysia.. and how boring the cedar and spruce pine trees are!

Haven’t cooked anything since leaving Vancouver..
There is a food court across the street from where I stay and Yaya has been having Chicken rice for lunch and dinner.. Toothless eats nothing but seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner..
Baby likes to eat prawn mee.. and mama only wants to eat Dosai!!

Kids had their first Teh Tarikh( tea) and I ended up drinking 3 cups of teh tarikh ( too bitter for them!!)

Visited almost all the touristy places !!! When we were in KL we used to come down to Singapore very often..and never once bothered to visit the Bird park and Sentosa Island… So this time we finally made the effort to visit all the major attractions here..

Also met quiet a few Rude Singaporeans and learned it is better not ask for directions.. Most of them wouldn’t even wait to hear your query.. they simply shake their head and say don’t know lah!!!

Over all…. Singapore is still a nice country…but I am still a Malaysian!!!!

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