Almost ready to go..
Bought the tickets..
Got the visa..
Kids are excited..
and I am scared..

Travelling to India with three kids? I can almost hear Amma saying
avaldey thalaykku akathu olam adi aa( I think it means she has gone cuckoo!)
Then I read this.. Avoo.. ashwasam!!!

I am planning to pack my back pack tomorrow..any suggestion regarding things to take with me are welcome..

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  1. Hey Sarah

    Just to warn you that the kerala summer has started (with occassional rains as well) and it could be quite hot, especially for the kids who are used to the canadian weather. So i would advice you to take necessary precautions for that. Have a great trip.

  2. Very excited for you, trying to imagine the nostalgic gloss of your experience in India.

    Suggestions: couple of insect repellent sprays, extra memory sticks for the camera, unlocked cell phone + charger (with 2-pin adaptor) to put in an Indian SIM card, prepaid ATM/credit card to take out rupees without incurring large exchange commissions, hooded lightweight windcheaters for the monsoon, a list of items you want to buy which are substantially cheaper than/not available in Canada. Can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  3. 1. cash resources – make sure you always have cash resources at hand.
    2. all the kids medicines
    3. copies of passports(scanned copies are better)
    4. mosquito repellent
    5. good walking shoes for kids

    Have fun sarah – u will be in my prayers – have a lovely trip…

  4. nice that u are finally going home
    my parents had been to kerala last week, its very very hot, mazha thodangi illa
    so b prepared
    have fun and if u happen to cross chennai, come home 🙂

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