Can you help me?

With my pea sized brain, I am just not able to fix my children’s computer monitor. The devils were playing with the monitor control and now I am left with a monitor that displays images as nothing but a dark rectangle. ( Yaya wants to add, some images are square shaped!)
I have tried the brightness contrast thingy. No luck.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this?Oh, I also tried to run the free Nokia software that is supposed to fix monitor troubles. I had more trouble after I tried to use that..
Please tell me what I should do?

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  1. 4peach: I did.. this is getting too frustrating.. I adjusted the resolution..the black point white point( goodness even studying medicine was not this difficult)..
    All the written things can be viewed clearly..but no youtube, no photos..nothing.. they are all dark..)

  2. Try disconnecting the monitor power supply and also unplug the monitor cable that goes to the CPU. Connect both again. Goto monitor setting and look for color option and adjust that. It generally works for me when my 3 yr old keep on playing with the desktop. Hope this helps.

  3. Some display properties, if set incorrectly for your display adapter (video card), can prevent Windows from working correctly. Adjusting these settings might fix the problem.

    If you cannot see anything on your computer screen, restart your computer in safe mode and adjust your display settings.

    To restart your computer in safe mode

    Click Start, click Turn off computer, and then click Restart.

    If you are using Windows & nbsp;XP Professional Edition, click Start, click Turn off computer, select Restart from the drop down list, and then click OK.
    If you cannot use the Start menu, press the restart button on your computer. Or, turn your computer on if it is not running.
    While your computer is starting, press and hold down the F8 key until the Startup Menu appears.
    Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.

    If you cannot print these instructions or view them on another computer, reopen the current troubleshooter after you are in safe mode, and then retrace your steps to return to this page.

    To make this as easy as possible, the Safe Mode troubleshooter includes a link to this troubleshooter.

    To change your display settings

    Open Display Properties in Control Panel.
    Click the Settings tab.
    If you are using multiple display support, click the icon for the monitor whose settings you want to change.
    If you are not in safe mode, try each of the following steps. (In safe mode, these settings are already set to minimum values.)
    In Color quality, click a lower setting.
    Reduce the size of your desktop by moving the Screen Resolution slider to the left.
    Click Advanced, and check the Adapter and Monitor tabs for a Refresh Frequency setting. If this setting is available, choose a lower refresh rate or use the default setting for the adapter.
    After you make your changes, or to accept the safe mode settings, click OK. Restart your computer if you are prompted to do so. Do not select Safe Mode.

    To open Display Properties, click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.

    Setting the refresh frequency too high can permanently damage some older monitors. Do not set your refresh frequency higher than the limit specified in the documentation that accompanied your monitor.

  4. Hi,

    You could not see pictures/images/ in your web browser ? If thats the case and if you use internet explorer then go to tools – options – check whether show animations pictures graphics options is enabled.

  5. Sarah, I’m guessing your problem is fixed since there’s a Youtube video up there. Just in case it’s not – I don’t think it is a monitor issue, but more of a browser issue.

    If you’re using Mozilla Firefox – on your browser toolbar, go to Tools –> Web Developer –> Images –> Disable Images and make sure All Images does not have a tickmark against it.

    In IE – on the browser toolbar, go to Tools –> Internet Options –> select the Advanced tab, then in the Settings box, scroll down to the multimedia section. There make sure “Show image placeholders” does not have a tickmark against it, and “Show pictures” does.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you all for the suggestions and hints, the monitor is back in action( till the next episode of Jurassic park games played by my kids.. Don’t even ask what game is that! )
    Special thanks to Nmouse for the step by step email and guidance
    Dr. nair: I did contemplate throwing the monitor out of the window.. but the latch was frozen.

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