Time flies

School will reopen on Tuesday. Yaya will be in grade 4, toothless in grade 2 and My baby is starting kindergarten….

Gosh, time really flies..

I will not be able to blog until Wednesday..

Wishing you guys a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. sarah,
    I know how it feels to let go the little ones…Its amazing how fast they grow with out we realising.
    W/o them its quite lonely and boring for sure.
    Any way good luck to them in their

  2. hi Nina…
    it seems that we grew up in the same area…
    i did my grads in b.c.m (psst.. even i didn’t wanna join there at first… and i got admsn in C.M.S. but ma mom insisted i join there ‘coz she thought it was a better option w/o the politics and all… but later in ma final yr i “fell in love” with ma instituition…)
    and am currently in b’lore….
    so… wen i read ur posts i cud imagine u walking to the baker skool, going to Paico…
    and hey!! did u do ur french tuition with Li’l Jerome ma’m? i suppose so… she is the only french teacher i knw of in kalathipadi… i was her student in marian… 🙂

    am in the process of reading ur earlier posts…
    like i said in an earlier cmnt…
    am glued to it….
    KUDOS 🙂

  3. Starry: It feels terrible.. All of a sudden my house is so quiet and I feel so miserable

    Geets: Thank you..

    Tessie: Saw the link.. Beautiful post..

    4peach: When they were little, I couldn’t wait for them to grow up.. and now I wish..they didn’t grow up so fast!

    Tessie: I loved my school, hated BCM..

    Sk: Thank you

    Anooja: Was busy with all the school reopening programs!!

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