Long pending

The last two months had been really hectic with my children going to three different schools.. and I have so many emails that I haven’t had a chance to reply. (Shh!!occasionally I suffer from procrastination too!!)

It isn’t nice when I don’t even say a simple thank you..

So here is a special Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Alexis: for the Disco Dewani lyrics
Siju: for the cards
Thanu: for all the mails
Mallu out law: for the videodunia link( yaya wants to send a complaint to you that Mama is always watching mallu movies in the middle of the night and all the movies have too much of dishum dishum and she can’t sleep because of the noise!)
Tinkerbells: for the recipe
Visithra: For the curry puff recipe

When I started to type, I sure remembered more names, but now I can’t.(signs of growing old eh??)
Anyway, if I have forgotten to Thank anyone..You can send me a mail and I promise I will write a reply(toothpaste promise ah!)

Special Thanks to all of you who keep reading my blog.
Terima Kasih

3 thoughts on “Long pending

  1. Your blog is very touching…..
    I have a question.Where is your husband?No where read about him…
    I have been reading your blog for the last few days…..it is very interesting….lovve to hear more from you…

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