Does anyone have Tarla Dalal’s International Vegetarian recipe book?

Yaya wants me to make Orange lemon gateau cake for her birthday and I didn’t bring the recipe book with me when I moved to Vancouver.

So if you have the recipe could you please email it to me and save me!!!
Have a jolly good weekend

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  1. Phoenix: Thank you
    I saw the recipe in her website, but it is incomplete! she wants me to pay to view the complete recipe!!
    Since I already have the recipe book( though it is currently 12783 km away) I am hesitant to pay!!

    BTW.. I always think abt you and I hope you find peace..

  2. hello sarah!

    i have the book, but i do not see any orange lemon gateaux cake, but there is others strawberry,chocolate/vanilla but no orange lemon….?+

    i will try to search on the web and see if there is one with orange lemon, what about the gateau creole, there is orange, bananas and pinapple do u want this receipt..

    as u can see i cannot understand head or tail of cookery

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