2 thoughts on “To Shankari

  1. have been reading ur blog past 4-5 days.. went thru ur archives..
    TO be honest.. certain times i felt it was over reaction.. but ofcourse.. when u read some other posts.. I can understand what u were going thru.. Some of them were quite shocking… I had mixed feelings.. But I must really say.. its good that u have got over ur hurdles with so much courage and dedication.. and now ur longing to give so much love to ur children… this is very nice to know.. Infact I think since u know how much a child needs it.. You will give them unconditional love….
    All the best for ur future and ofcourse i will be eager to know what happened next…
    Last but not the least, ur writing is really nice.. I was actually addicted to it.. Until i went thru all ur archives… I just couldnt leave this… Also the way ur feelings have changed as u grew up.. thats wonderful.. from a little mature girl.. to a more mature teenager.. Ur moments with ur ammachi reminds me my times with my granny…

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