Don’t give up

In the past few days I have been getting visitors to my blog after googling key words
‘I want to kill myself ‘

I know this would sound odd, especially coming from someone who always carried 20 valium tablets.
But I want to tell you this.
You may be facing storms that are unbelievable to many around you.
You may not have anyone who understand what you are going through
You may feel there is no point in living
I felt like that a million times, but if I had given up each time when life threw a curve ball at me,
I wouldn’t be typing this blog.
I would have never got a chance to see the innocent smile on my children’s face,
I would have never known the joys of motherhood.

My grandmother had this magic manthra ” this too shall pass and the sun will surely rise tomorrow”
And when everything around you is crumbling.. Just remember that this too shall pass!

5 thoughts on “Don’t give up

  1. a small co-incidence, I was trying to get your blog by googling “nina thomas” it didnt work.

    Then I tried Nina Thomas +sarah and yours was the second in line.

    Well now I know how the keywords to get your blog from google in one shot…:)

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