It was getting dark, by the minute and it was raining. Lightining and thunder was providing the back ground music to a scary play. I am home with three sisters and a maid and there was no sign of my mother. If things weren’t bad enough, the electricity tripped and the darkness enveloped us from all around. “I am scared Nina”. Sally spoke
“Of what?, The power will come soon”
Akkachi was sitting on the floor and I asked her” Akkachi can you light the candle?”
“Will you come with me to the kitchen Nina? I am scared of the darkness” Akkachi spoke.
“I am not scared of anything. I am Methran Thambi’s grand daughter.” Said Maria
I was really surprised to hear that,because Maria wouldn’t even go to Chengannur because she is scared of everything.
I got up to go to the kitchen with Akkachi and just then accidentally dropped my metal pencil case. The resulting sound was too dramatic, especially when all the metal items inside the pencil case, and the few loose coins made individual sound as it hit the ground
ente Ammoo,screamed fearless Methran Thambi’s grand daughter, and she jumped out of her chair, tripped on Akkachi who was still sitting on the floor and when the lightning flashed again I saw heaps of legs and arms on the floor and eveyone was screaming.
“What is going on? Why are you all screaming?” Amma asked
We didn’t even hear her opening the gate and coming in.
“Akkachi, why didn’t you light the candle?” Amma was scolding Akkachi.
“I will light it now” She ran to the kitchen in the darkness.
By now I couldn’t contol my laughter.
“Why are you laughing Nina?” Amma asked me
“Oh, nothing Amma, it is just that Methran Thambi’s fearless grand daughter nearly chuchumully (peed)in her panties.”
” I did NOT chuchumully (peed) in my panties. I will get you for this one day Nina” said Maria
“Ofcourse you will, after all you are Methran Thambi’s grand daughter, who isn’t afraid of anything!”
“laugh now, one day I will make you pay for all this.”
I wanted to stick out my tongue at her, but I heard Amma speaking.
“Maria, I spoke to someone and he suggested that you should do engineering” Amma told Maria.
“Who did you speak to?” I asked her

19 thoughts on “Someone

  1. drankness always scray.. and anything that moves is always too much to handle imagination.. but good finally.. there was smile on your sister face :)..

  2. Hai Sarah,

    Amma’s back home yeay!! Glad to read that Maria gets to do engineering.

    I’m scared of the dark too.. even now..

    Thank you for the heart warming comment that you left in my blog.


  3. ‘Bloginte total flow oru suspense thriller linilekku ‘dr.’ maattiyirikkukayanu’.’Sesham bhagam adutha lakkam ennavasanam ezhuthunnathu nannayirikkum’. Munpottu ezhuthi pokanamenkil creative aayi chinthikkanam ennulla oru ‘ulvili’ ethinu purakilundu (Edakku track maariyathu evide orkkuka). Main stremil (Ammachi and mol) ninnu akannu pokanum paadilla. Intelligent approach:D

    N.B. Ee blog vaayichu creative comments ariyikkunna njangale polullavarkku (‘Anonymus Group’)
    ‘docter’ marupidi tharathathil ‘khedikkunnu’.

  4. I love your stories!! I can vividly imagine the heaps of legs and arms … and accachi almost peeing in her panty from fear!
    Darkness can be very scary and with the slightest noise, a mouse becomes right away an elephant!
    I’m happy Maria finally got the Ok for engineering!!
    GREAT story!!!

  5. thanu: Although our house was a mad house, we hd moments like this


    Sujit: She still says, she never chuchumulli tht day.. but truth be told.. she did!

    Starrynights: thanks

    Maya:u got it.. the shadow of that someone was always there..

    Jac: chuchumully champion

    silverine: We always hd an ace, when my big sister acted big.. we would sing in unison.. after all I am the fearless methran thambi’s grand daughter.

    LG: I still do..most people think, I should get life membership at kuthiravattom

    Dhanush: we hd a special thotti.. we use that and poke the cables, sometimes the power would return!

    Srijith: Thank you for visitng my blog. The power going off was one of the most annoying thing during monsoon…

    Jithu: there is a silver lining in every grey cloud eh?

    Dew drops: you are sweet!

    Raji:you are welcome. I am not so scared of dark.. my biggest enemy is snake!

    Rose: Aha

    I love Munich: I too can still remember the sudden burst of lightning and Maria on top of Akkachi and both screaming!!

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