I never had to read the papers to know what are the latest movies running in cinemas. In fact I often managed to watch the movies even before it reached the Malaysian cinemas.. Some of them even before it was released in Hollywood.. Long shot?? Nehhhh.. Malaysian VCD pirates were a class of their own. They had a pretty good network..
I had a favourite VCD peddler in Bangsar pasar malam.. Even during the govt crack down against the pirated VCD industry, he still managed to get copies of the latest movies for me.
I am sure many would scoff at me for encouraging pirated movie industry. Well it is the safest, cheapest way I could ever watch a movie. If I go to the cinema, i need to find a child minder and it would cost me $20 and countless phone calls asking me”is the movie over yet mama to Joey spilled the milk to can we watch another cartoon…etc.. The ticket for the movie would be about $10, parking another $8..popcorn and drink another $ cost $43… Cost of one pirated vcd..$4.. and the bonus point..I can watch the movies that escaped the merciless clipping by the Malaysian censorship board.
Now in Vancouver… No luck lah… not a single pirated movie..Rented an old movie at rogers(VCR!!!!!!!!) and the deal was 2 for $9 and with the gst and pst and blah blah came to abt $9.45.. and i had to retrun them in 2 days…
I miss my Malaysia.. the land of ironies

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