How low can you sink

One Singapore life destroyed = money making venture..
Her mistake, shooting the video of what she did in private with her boyfriend
(apparently her handphone was stollen and the images reached the world wide web).. The rest is on ebay and porn sites..
Not one thinks about the girl whose privacy is invaded.. We the champions of human morality can sink so low and destroy a woman’s life. Not enough that her pictures are all over the net, her college is suspending her too.. The question is why?
Why should she be suspended for her morality. Those who haven’t sinned should cast the first stone.
To the college administrator, I ask a single question.. Why should the girl be suspended from the college? Is premarital sex a crime? If yes, who decided that it should be.. Who decides that she shouldn’t gain education? Isn’t it the time that the girl be given the support she needs? Why should you punish her and not punish the thousands who have downloaded the video?
To the girl who is going through probably the worst nightmare…I tell you what my grandmother told me every time my life overwhelmed me…..”this too shall pass”.. and may you have the courage to walk through this.

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