Breakfast in bed

I was really lucky this weekend. I got breakfast in bed. at 6 Am on sunday the older one woke me up from my sleep and asked me where I keep the coffee, five minutes later, how much sugar she needs to put, followed by is it the big spoon or the small one, followed by do i need to use the hazelnut coffee mate or the other one, few mints later, how long do i need to zap the water in the microwave..
her brother made peanut butter bread (generous amount of peanut butter!!!)
and the baby, she got cookies for me( ofcourse from the cookie tin)
Result: the best coffee made with love and affection by a 7 year old, nice sandwich and cookies and a happy mother
Sometimes when life overwhelms you, there are little joys.. and the heart is happy for those cherished moments…

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