once in a life time

once in a life time
you meet someone
truly remarkable
you think it is
for ever
he is not your boy friend
yet he is everything
he stood by you
he loves you
you love him
not as a boy friend
not as a friend
not as a brother
you love him
just for what he is
not for your tomorrows
not for the future you could have
with him
you love him
for he is beyond the present
he was never the past
he was never the future
he was someone
life brings you
when you are sinking
a hope, a light, a ray of sunshine
and now he is slowly slipping away
in to the horizon
and I am still standing.. alone

1 thought on “once in a life time

  1. Nice! I love it. Reminds me of my student exchange programme stay in Lethbridge, AB. That’s where I met Tris 🙂
    Could I link this poem in my blog?

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